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  • What type of care will my puppy receive prior to coming home?
    We will treat for parasites in the babies according to our vet's recommendations. The puppies will have received their first round of shots and we will send them home with health records for you to share with your vet.
  • How old will my baby be when they come to our family?
    Puppies will be at least 8 weeks old when they go to their fur-ever home. No exceptions will be made.
  • Can I pick a girl or a boy?
    Gender is selected by the families in order of the deposits made. If the litter doesn't have enough of the gender you want your deposit is transferrable to the next litter.
  • Will our puppy be eating puppy food when they come home?
    The puppies will nurse their mommy until they go home. They will be eating high-quality puppy food specially intended for their size. We will provide information in advance of going to your home to be sure you have time to have all the puppy supplies on hand before pick up your new friend.
  • Are your mommy and daddy dogs health tested? Genetic tested?
    Yes! Our mommy and daddy dogs have genetics and health tests before matching them.
  • How much are the puppies?
    Prices vary but start around $2500.
  • Will my puppy be AKC registered?
    Yes! Your puppy is eligible to be registered with AKC which ensures the highest quality dogs. No breeding rights are available.
  • Will my puppy be potty trained?
    We start taking puppies outside to potty as soon as they are big enough to go! This means your puppy is well on their way to being house trained when you take them home.
  • Will my puppy be crate trained?
    We find that crate training works well for many family's lifestyles and dogs. At our house, once the puppies are sleeping without their mommy, we start introducing them to the crate as a safe, comfortable place to rest and relax. Of course, you will have to continue working with your little one once they are home to adjust to being without their siblings.
  • What if I have questions?
    Choosing to add a puppy to your home is a big decision and should not be taken lightly. We are available to support our puppies and their new families so everyone has a great experience.
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